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I saw the PR come out yesterday about a little Linux-based teeny PC aimed at, among other things, digital signage. It has been a busy coupla days, so I finally just had a look at the thing now. The Linutop 3 looks cute, and at first pass the gadget appears to have a lot of promise. It is small enough to slap on the back of a flat screen. It's a solid state fanless design, so there is little that can crater on the thing. Great. But it's also $500 US, and it will ship from France. It has its own custom Linux OS, so have fun with that unless you have a propeller-head on standby. And the CPU is the Via C7, which is an old slug of a thing in relative terms and is Via. I am no propeller-head but the ones I know don't seem to say nice things about what is a consumer-grade product. The specs suggest it can plug into HD monitors but anyone thinking this will drive video an... (more)

Is Atom Ready For the Bigs?

I keep seeing press releases like this popping up in Google Alerts, announcing new Intel Atom-based micro PCs and boards that are perfect for, among many things, digital signage. Safely hidden away in the turret of my mountaintop compound near the windswept shores of Lake Ontario (OK, a spare bedroom in suburban Toronto), I don't have a bench to test gear, nor would I know what the hell I was doing in assessing whether any or all of these new, low-cost x86 platforms are actually capable of doing as billed. But I suspect a lot of companies are, for three simple reasons: 1 - Form... (more)

Follow the money dep't: wireless up $3B over last year

  Right about this time last year we were all hiding under our desks and thinking about soup kitchen etiquette as the economic news kept getting crappier by the day. A lot of deals were drying up and the smart people were trying to figure out which industries were going to be largely recession proof. The most obvious one was, at least to my feeble mind, wireless retail.  People might trade down in a pile of shopping categories, and put off a whole bunch of purchasing decisions like big screen TVs and cars, but they were NOT going to let anyone mess with their phones, and they w... (more)

NCR buys Netkey; kiosk-DS firm to continue operating

Lotsa hoo-hah this morning about word that point of sale giant NCR Corporation has bought into the kiosk and digital signage business through the acquisition of Netkey, Inc.     Curiously, the release says NCR has "purchased the assets" but I am told this is a real acquisition that involves acquiring the whole company and keeping it operating, and where it is, in Connecticut. NCR is in the process of calling around to Netkey customers and making them comfy that the change has no material impact on service delivery. It's pretty rare when nothing really changes in the wake of M&A... (more)

DDN Plans to Roll Out Massive Digital Signage Network with 7-11

Digital Signage Journal There's a press release making the rounds today about a company called DDN - who you will have never heard of - announcing plans to roll out with convenience store giant 7-11. The deal between the the world's biggest c-store operator and Digital Display Networks, Inc. would create one of the bigger digital out of home networks, anywhere, if it gets out to more than 6,200 stores in the United States and Canada, reaching an estimated 190 million monthly viewers. The programming will have national and local entertainment news and weather, and a blend of hous... (more)